USB-UART Breakout Board (RS232 TTL) FT232 3.3/5V


Converter is based on reliable and widely used IC FTDI FT232RL (USB to UART) interface. It ensures a stable and seamless work with most popular operating systems (Win7, Win8, WinXP, Linux, Win CE, MacOS). With this compact module you can easily connect a microprocessor device to your PC and send data in both directions!

4 Drivers (click here)

All signals and supply lines are brought out to the solder pads.
Signals and VCCIO pin voltage level is chosen using a jumper and can be either:

  • 5V –  supplied from the USB through polymer fuse preventing port damage (max. 500mA)
  • 3.3V –  supplied from the internal FTDI voltage converter (max. 50mA)

This breakout board is very easy to use with all breadboards – package includes goldpin headers (not soldered). To connect this module to the computer you have to use USB cable with type-B connector, which is very popular and often used as a printer cable.

USB-Uart_1In addition, other transmission signals (RI, DTR, DSR, DCD) are brought out to the solder pads. You can use them if you need a more complex transmission management. Configurable CBUS pins (C2, C3, C4) are also brought out to the solder pads (suitable for goldpin connector soldering).



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