Reflective sensor KTIR0711S


Schematics (Click here)

Reflective sensor KTIR0711S is comprised of two parts: LED emmiting IR and phototransistor. Additional resistor limiting LEDs current is on-board, as well as resistor which pulls up analog output to supply voltage, which allows for connecting module to microcontroller without any additional elements. Sensors of this type are widely used in the “line follower” robots.

  • 5VDC operating voltage
  • 25mA supply current
  • Dimensions: 13×7.5mm
  • Raster: 2.54mm
  • Output: analog
  • Mounting hole diameter : 2.5mm
  • The set includes angled goldpin 1×3 header  (not soldered)
  • KTIR0711s datasheet (click here)






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