microBoard M8

MicroBoard-M8 is a mini start-up kit with the ATmega8 microcontroller on board. It consists integrated stabilizer 5V, quartz resonator, internal oscillator enabling work with frequency 12 MHz. and IDC-10 connector (Kanda) compatible with commonly used. This makes the module programmable by most programmers available on the market. The module is ideal for programing in C as well as BASCOM language.

The basic properties of the microBoard-M8:

  • ATmega8A-AU microcontroller
  • programming ISP
  • Integrated voltage regulator 5V (78M05) – max. 0,5 A
  • Microcontroller’s power supply filtering by the capacitors
  • Power supply for analog part is additionaly filtering by ferrite bead.
  • Power DC supply is available in a range of 7-12 V
  • LED diode – power indicator
  • All I/O pins are connected to goldpin headers except  I/O connected to quartz resonator.
  • Pull-up resistor RESET to 5V

The basic properties of the ATmega8 microcontroller:

    • 8 kB Flash program memory
    • 512 kB EEPROM memory
    • 1 kB SRAM (Static RAM) data memory
    • two 8-bit Timer/Counters
    • one 16-bit Timer/Counter
    • 1 analog-to-digital converter (8-channel, 10-bit)
    • Interfaces: SPI, UART, TWI (I2C)
    • Analog comparator
    • 3-channels PWM

Schematics (Click here)


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